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Top Rated B2B digital CRM Platform to increase sales and grow your Business

Selloas is a digital CRM Platform that manages the leads, team, workflow and customer service of the business. It helps the organization to keep the status of the lead, work and convert the leads business so that your business can grow easily.



Approx 20 plus of countries are using selloas Application



Thousands of satisfied clients are using the selloas application and boosting their business



Lacs of employees activities are tracking by the companies by selloas app

Lead Tracked


Lacs of leads are tracked by the companies with help of selloas application

Our Values

See what Selloas can do for you


With the Selloas dashboard you can easily access all the reports,, teams, measure performance, track leads etc.


With the help of sellose any organisation can do the real time tracking of the team activity.

Work Planning

Every organisation can do the daily work planning and scheduling for the team as per the lead status.

Report generation

Calling report, conversation report , customer meeting report etc. All report can be easily generate by the sellose application.

Team Management

You can easily manage and connect with marketing team , sales team with the help of selloas.

Customer Service

You can provide the better service to your customer by selloas. It provides the self- service portal to its customer to manage daily business activities.

Mobile Application

Mobile Application helps the customer to manage the team from anywhere. Customer can manage their business, leads, teams easily.


Your marketing team, sales team, agent can easily login/out the application so that you can know they have start working.